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Our only business is B2B Lead generation

Driving Sales Lead Productivity to Mobilize the Organizational Efficiency and Goals

movingDneedle’s core business is b2b sales-qualified lead generation. Our people have been successfully generating leads for Start-ups, companies offering Software-as-a-Service and mid-size companies with less than USD 500 million in revenue. The team has a cumulative experience of generating more than 3000 sales-qualified leads from Asset Management firms, Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Utilities, CPG, Business Services, Telecom, Manufacturing, Technology, Media, Logistics and IT Services. movingDneedle is approached consistently by organizations who require sales qualified leads from the USA, Canada, UK, MEA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Our meetings are of the highest quality because they adhere to the quality parameters ‘you define’. That is our customers decide on the lead qualification criterion be it in terms of services marketed, regions targeted, decision makers, target companies / Industries, and revenue parameters. Our definition of a qualified lead is - Request for a telephone or in-person meeting in response to a message marketing our customer from the verticals specified, in the specified region and by specified decision makers. Hence the chances of not getting good quality meetings are little.

We understand that each of our customers is unique and have unique requirements. Our engagement models are designed to be flexible, efficient and cost saving. We offer two broad models of engagement to all our customers, which can be adopted individually or in combination, as per the client’s specific requirements.

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Our customers have closed deals worth millions of dollars from our leads

  • “It's exciting to work with the team of movingDneedle. They have a disciplined approach towards the process. The numbers are good, but the reporting and review meetings are outstanding.” CEOA Global Retail Services Company
  • “I must say that our engagement with movingDneedle has helped us close deals in the first quarter itself. Excellent work. All the best to your team!” PresidentHealthcare Solutions Company
  • “Within a span of 4 months, we are happy to announce that we have signed up a couple of deals from the leads supplied by movingDneedle. Wish you great success for your endeavors.” Director SalesA WFO Solutions Provider
  • "Working with movingDneedle is interesting. They have helped us connect to the right target audience with qualified leads. We are in advanced stages of discussion with some prospects and very positive to move faster with these meetings.” VP Sales and MarketingA leading cloud transformation company

We provide our customers with high-quality leads that help their sales teams move the needle on Deals

  • One of the major hedge fund and private equity administration outsourcing solutions provider in the USA scales their business with movingDneedle lead generation campaigns

  • The only eProcurement software in the world that delivers on the promise of real-time, intelligent procurement shopping teams-up with movingDneedle to explore their business

  • A people, process, technology consulting firm escalates their business by switching to movingDneedle’s lead generation program

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We provide our customers with high quality leads that help their sales teams move the needle on Deals

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