Leads Nurturing is the process of blooming relationships with the customers/buyers at every single step of sales and of the buyer’s journey. It points on listening to the needs and wants of the prospects and answering their queries. It helps in building relationships with the possible clients even if they are not looking out to buy a product or a service. It intends to raise a company’s profile in the eyes of the clients.

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Outbound email marketing is useful when to identify the target market directly and when their customer lifetime value warrants the effort of contacting them individually. When a business wants to “buy a list” in an industry, it can make use of an outbound marketing campaign instead or in conjunction with list buying.

Outbound marketing is used to be conducted in such a way that, if you would search for the companies by geographic location or specificities about the business you wish to contact, then you would manually send an email with your pitch to the small number of companies you found an email for.

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Strategic Sales and Marketing has become one of the most influential lead generation in the industry, helping many organizations to create more sales leads, improve the qualification of their business leads and increase the conversion rates throughout the sales process.

Lead Generation helps the organizations to;

  1. Increase sales and revenue:
    Better the lead generation to better the sales
  2. Reduce cost per sale:
    Better lead generation and more focused efforts to qualify business leads results in more efficient appointment setting and more productive conversations with prospects.
  3. Takeaway one thing from “to do” list:
    By outsourcing lead generation, eliminate a challenging management process, to get experience in b2b lead generation and appointment setting, and to get timely results.

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People in B2B always speaks about LEAD GENERATION. B2B companies have Outbound Sales Team to engage in those leads generated through Lead Generation Activities. Outbound marketing is interruption-based marketing. Outbound lead marketing tries to reach consumers through in-person contact. It depends on how we approach, like, impersonally personal or through personal.

Many large companies argue that inbound marketing is more effective and efficient, but the fact is until and unless the people know about the company or organization, there is very little inbound marketing occurring. Whereas Outbound marketing greatly increases the probability of the first contact, so that a business relationship can develop at its best.

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How to make an outbound lead generation work?

Outbound lead Generation is the process where we send “a single or multiple messages” directly to the prospects. Pros of Outbound lead generation is we can choose the time and medium of interaction, Cost profile is short-term and cost effective.

Following are the factors that makes an outbound lead generation work at its best:

  • Define your buyer personas:

“Buyer Personas”, also called as “Marketing Personas” are fictional and generalized representations of ideal customers. Personas help us in marketing, sales, products and services by internalizing the ideal customers, trying to attract and relate to the customer as real humans.

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Future Trends in Email Marketing

Email marketing is on the precipice of exiting change right now. This is a new-world order and many of them are going to sink or learn to swim again. It is true that, social media is a game changer, also equally true that email-based marketing delivers in areas that its character count cannot.

For example – because email is almost always based on a previous indication that the customer might be interested in a product or service, either by signing up to a newsletter or providing contact details – it is able to target customers much more accurately than social channels might.

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You know there are customers out there for the product or service –  But, how to find them?

A marketing team is great for attracting people to your business, but it is not ideal for going out and aggressively targeting new prospects. If your goal is to quickly generate pipeline and proactively reach out to new potential customers, an outbound lead generation team may be your best. These teams are designed to dive deep into your target market and connect with some of your most likely potential customers.

Outbound lead generation is a way to reach out to targets, educate them about your product, gauge their interest and, hopefully, turn them over to your sales team to convert into paying customers.

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B2B digital marketing spend has grown tremendously over the years, according to outsell, this spend has grown abundantly in various digital branches reaching the highest growth rate, 25%.

The investment in social engagement continues to increase but lead generation seems to be not catching the same wavelength. Apparently, digitalization has grabbed the attention of B2B marketers remarkably, nevertheless, problems cited by B2B industry has not shrunk. The following are the most cited pain points of B2B marketers:

  • Not being solution oriented,
  • Applying analytics and
  • Measuring ROI

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Brands are all about storytelling! It is a known fact that the brands are creating impact and engagement through storytelling. Therefore, it goes without saying that storytelling and email marketing go hand-in-hand. This is mainly because both aim at audience’s attention. At the same time, business e-mails are no fairy/folk tales, it is a powerful technique. It is direct and more like a relationship-building instrument. As an instrument for building the relationship, emails should concentrate on putting customers in the lead role.

Now to spread the story far & wide and to essentially spark & scale interactions the communication activity should be capable of inviting the prospect to make contact (ie, a ‘response’).

“Personalized e-mail marketing” is the here to rescue.As stated by Wunderman, direct marketing is only effective when certain conditions are met. Unfortunately, it is proving to be Achilles heels for most of the B2B marketers.  Below are few tips on Personalized e-mail marketing framework.

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movingDneedle has been ranked 6th best b2b lead generation company website in TRETOMO 2016 list.

“We have been working hard to ensure our brand stands out and get noticed for its uniqueness. In this highly competitive marketplace, TRETOMO’s recognition represents a great opportunity to showcase our potential.”

Alpesh Kumar- Head of Sales, movingDneedle