Fundamentals of Executing Profitable “Outbound” Email Marketing Campaigns

Outbound email marketing is useful when to identify the target market directly and when their customer lifetime value warrants the effort of contacting them individually. When a business wants to “buy a list” in an industry, it can make use of an outbound marketing campaign instead or in conjunction with list buying.

Outbound marketing is used to be conducted in such a way that, if you would search for the companies by geographic location or specificities about the business you wish to contact, then you would manually send an email with your pitch to the small number of companies you found an email for.

The new approach to outbound marketing is much more effective and is cheaper. Once the emails are compiled, they can be loaded into a Gmail-augmenting tool like ToutApp or QuickMail that allow for the sending of automated emails to hundreds of potential clients. These applications allow you to sequence emails.

For Example, if someone doesn’t reply to the first message that is send out within four days, the second mail will be sent automatically upon the beginning of the fourth day. Another use of this automatic mailing is, automated emails can spit-test the subject line.

While reaching out to hundreds of potential prospects, and the open rate of the email is increased by two to three percent, that is going to account for a significant monetary difference than if you send the mails manually.

Outbound or Push Marketing thrusts messaging on consumers via such channels as mailing lists, cold calls and advertising, channels consumers increasingly filter due to overload. Outbound advertising methods like these attempt to communicate value to influence people to buy a product or service. While mailing, lists evolve in the context of email marketing campaigns, traditional direct mailing and lead buying efforts are alive and well also.

“Buying qualified leads for direct mailing campaigns remains one of our most reliable revenue channels”. Traditional or Outbound Marketing is a rather broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It is the most recognizable type of marketing, encompassing the advertisements that we hear and see every day. Most of the outbound marketing strategies fall under one of the four categories like PRINT, BROADCAST, DIRECT MAILING, TELEPHONE.

Because outbound marketing encompasses so many different strategies, nearly every company selling a product or service uses one or more types of outbound marketing as part of an overall advertising strategy. Mid-sized companies are mostly likely to use direct marketing to gain maximum count on profits and qualified leads.

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