Training your existing Inside Sales Support Team

The engagement will have movingDneedle consultants train the customer’s existing ISST team on the processes and framework of lead generation. The training consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase I - Situational Assessment
  • Phase II -Develop custom ISST Optimization Program
  • Phase III– Implementation and monitoring

The training program will include coaching on astute research, building qualified funnel, creating qualified database, designing and setting up of campaigns, creating e-mail drafts, creating follow-up drafts and calendar, creating scripts, sharing and training on templates and reporting including Daily Status Reports (DSR) that movingDneedle consultants have developed over the years.


Some of our customers prefer building their lead generation competence in-house. In this engagement model we do all that it takes to ensure our customers have a world class sales-lead generation team internally - Hiring professionals, training them on customers’ verticals, training the team on research, mining database subscriptions for information, campaign design, campaign calendars, funnel building, e-mail draft writing, campaign analysis, reporting, etc., before transferring them over to the customer.

Customer Stories

The customer is the leading provider of cloud-based video curation solutions to the online publishing,…
The Customer provides automated solution for expense report compliance and audit. Customer’s patent pending data…
Customer is a data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to help payment networks,…

We provide our customers with high quality leaDs that help their sales teams move the needle on Deals