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One of the leading solution provider, enhancing the productivity & compliance of the life science industry, upturns its sales pipeline using movingDneedle sales lead generation program

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The Customer

Customer Background: The customer has helped several leading pharma companies transform their packaging processes into a world-class operation. The integrated Harmony platform brings together all the critical elements under one umbrella to help address the diverse needs of the pharma & life sciences industry. The customer has proactively studied the changing Pharma landscape, and understood the needs within the packaging domain and developed a world-class integrated technology platform, Harmony. The Harmony platform is a GAMP category 4 IT solution. More than 20+ clients of the customer have consciously chosen to adopt Harmony for a defined, strategic, and optimized process to manage operations. The Harmony platform is compliant as per 21 CFR part 11 guidelines as laid out by FDA.

Case Scenario: Request for a sales meeting with the decision-makers in the pharma & life sciences industry for their product demo in order to build a sales pipeline for its sales team.

The marketing and sales team used different online marketing channels to engage with prospects, including pay per click, SEO, SCM by approaching different associated vendors where the average cost spent was ‘X’ and the ROI yield was ‘X/6’. This led to the decrease of sales and increase of expenditure, which made it hard for the marketing and sales team to align as to which marketing channels and agencies they should pursue.

Choosing the right mix of marketing strategy to make the most of the sales opportunities required a new vision on how to interact with customers, which made the customer associated with movingDneedle, leveraging the Personalized Email Marketing framework for its sales lead generation program.

Campaign Message: eRA (A regulatory information system to manage product registrations and renewals, tracks all supporting documents required for eCTD, EVMPD, IDMP and Dossier Submissions, integration with Documentum, SAP and other systems. Tracking licensing agreements and cooperative ventures with other organizations (in-license and out-license agreements).

Campaign Synopsis & Results Driven by movingDneedle Personalized Email Marketing

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