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An industry pioneer in data storage and virtualization builds a healthy sales pipeline for its sales professionals using movingDneedle campaign strategy in the USA & UK market

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The Customer

Industry Challenge: Manage data growth while solving your biggest IT challenges around information protection and availability.

The client helps hundreds of global enterprise customers and service provider partners in more than 30 countries around the world virtualize their data, just as they virtualized their servers and networks, the technology of this firm replaces any or all of the siloed data protection and availability storage applications you might be using today – backup, snapshot, business continuity, disaster recovery, test & development, analytics, and anything else that creates copies of your production data – with a single, complete storage system, purpose-built to manage copy data. Doing so delivers recovery times in minutes instead of hours, even for large-scale application data sets, while slashing total cost of ownership by as much as 90% versus the traditional model.

The Challenge

Till now the company was looking for ventures in the IT and ITES industry. Now when they realized that they need to explore different market segments like Energy & Utilities, Hotels & Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Retail Banking and Telco companies they started looking for a preferred partner in helping them connect to these business segments.

They were in touch with a couple of partners who set up appointments with the cold-calling channel but during the course of time, the customer realized that the quality of the leads was not so appealing as the leads did not have a context for the appointment. In most case, it was just a casual catch up agenda. The customer wanted to meet the decision makers from the Operations, IT, Infrastructure, Technology who were willing to engage with the customer currently or in the near future.

The Solution

Step 1. Market study and Lead Qualification Parameter
Step 2. Campaign Design and Management

movingDneedle launched the campaign when 100 logos as per the LQP was mapped and mined with at least 4 relevant decision makers in each logo.

Step 3. Campaign Cycle: Optimization and Measurement

The Result

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