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One of the leading start-ups in expense management and fraud compliance solutions upturns its sales pipeline using movingDneedle sales lead generation program

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The Customer

Customer Industry: Software Application- Expense Report Solution. Mobile is a central force in the Age of the Customer. Next year, Forrester expects that more than 25% of companies will use mobile not as a channel, but as a fully integrated part of their overall strategy. However, the travel and the expense-reporting environment is yet to catch the race. According to Forrester, when data backing is considered, 80% of T&E ecosystem rely on manual entry for expense data. Considering mobile to become a catalyst for business transformation and laggards, mobile as a stand-alone channel for expense reporting is all set to widen.

Background: The Customer provides an automated solution for expense report compliance and audit. Customer’s patent-pending data science-based technology automatically create expense reports, provide real-time compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies and automatically audits and assigns a risk score to every expense to detect fraud and misuse.

Case Scenario: With a significant market share in the SME segment, the customer wanted to enter the enterprise segment aggressively.

It was quite easy for the customer to reach out to the SME segment as the decision-making authority rested in the single hands and it was easy to convince them. But the major challenge customer faced was when it tried to follow the same conventional approach to target the enterprise audience. It was not easy, and the turnaround time was too high to establish a single point of contact with a CFO and related designations. The roadblock coming in the way of the customer was also the initial sales pitch, it was the same for the SME and the enterprise customers. The initial pitch made by the customer did not lure the enterprise audience like the way it did for the SME segment.

It was when customer consulted movingDneedle to design its sales lead generation program to generate sales meetings from the decision makers of the enterprise segment.

movingDneedle helps the customer to increase the sales pipeline using Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

After conducting a detailed market study, understanding the lead qualification parameter and the customer offerings, movingDneedle designed a generic campaign targeting four major industries viz.

Expense Management and Fraud Compliance Campaign, for

movingDneedle designed the campaign messaging addressing the actual gaps that the finance and the auditing people in the organization faced. The Major focus was also given on the nature of integration of the system, compliance with IRS, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) as well as the US regulations, profitability and cost reduction metrics and many more. This was a big hit for the customer when the campaigns were executed.

Results Driven by movingDneedle Personalized Email Marketing

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