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Marketing agencies & video production

The B2B marketing industry is simultaneously benefitting from and being challenged by digital tools, technology platforms and innovative marketing channels. With the advent of digital transformation and technology innovation, the marketers are finding it easier than ever before to produce, distribute and consume content online as well as offline.

On the other hand the B2B consumers of these marketing firms are evaluating the best of the best practices to optimize their ROI and increase their revenue streams.

We at movingDneedle work with the marketing and video production agencies acting as an industrial glue between these marketers and their B2B audience in creating targeted messages and positioning them in front of the marketing, branding, PR & MarComms stakeholders which results in meaningful and prospective business conversations.

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Procurement & logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics organization provides its customers with global procurement and contracts services that are unsurpassed in the industry. They support large, complex projects in remote locations of the world using their technology systems and manpower expertise with the right processes, automation tools, market data, volume, and skilled professionals to meet the commitment to its customers delivering value at the lowest total cost of ownership.

We at movingDneedle design and execute full suite of source to contract, procure to pay, supplier management & purchasing intelligence, supplier network, spend analysis, accelerated payment facility, invoice data capture & AP automation campaigns across industries showcasing the value proposition of our customers which has resulted in Deals from the Leads generated by our Persoanlized Email marketing campaigns.

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Internet of things (IoT) & Data analytics

IT powers today’s enterprises, which is particularly true for the world’s most data-intensive industries. Organizations in these highly specialized industries increasingly require focused IT solutions, networked connections and data management facilities to address upcoming business challenges. The growth and convergence of processes, data, and things on the Internet will make networked connections, data analytics and management more relevant and valuable than ever before. This growth creates unprecedented opportunities for industries, businesses and people. The IoT and Big Data emergence can potentially transform nearly every industry-locally and globally.

We are helping our clients to get connected to these industries, businesses and people to explore potential opportunities of engagement.

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Banking & Financial services

BFSI sector is experiencing a transformational growth globally due to the increased technology up gradations and client investments over the last few years. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is still the important business challenge for the industry. BFSI organizations are on a continuous upward spiral towards enhancing present services and offering new services at a high rate and increasing the value of client interaction with the self-service capabilities.

Time is money and it is very hard to borrow the time of a business executive in the finance industry.

We at movingDneedle design and execute full suite of “Financial Technology and Financial Services campaigns for our customers across Banks, Financial Services, Insurance and similar industries like hedge funds, fund of funds, private equity, family offices and similar asset classes generating targeted meetings from the decision makers.

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Business solutions and consulting

Consulting companies focus on delivering a range of services designed to address barriers to industry growth in emerging economies and developing countries. Understanding client goals, and giving better solutions to meet these goals and objectives is a difficult task for an enterprise.

The astute research, timely reach out and personalized communication of movingDneedle team under this strategic unit help our clients to market to a lengthening sales cycle and a growing number of people involved in the decision-making process. We help our customers to build a healthy sales pipeline for their organization.

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Healthcare industry is undergoing a phase of transformation due to consumerization, reforms and regulations and cutthroat competition. Many healthcare firms are looking to increase their operational efficiency by focusing on revenue cycle management, workforce optimization, scheduling software, physicians care, claims management, medical coding, denial management, finance, and accounting services to eliminate costs and improve productivity.

We at movingDneedle ensure that we bring both the parties under one roof to discuss their business needs and develop a revenue model for each other.

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The concept of better, faster, leaner is dominating the retail industry. The retailer is making the customers shopping experience more lucrative and stylish. The vendors, on the other hand, are ensuring that the retailers do not face any challenges in sustaining the end consumers shopping experience. Both the parties are working at par with each other to meet the demand and supply of the market.

We understand that each of our customers is unique and have unique requirements. We help our customers to achieve their specific requirements with our services. "You DEFINE, we ACHIEVE."

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Increasing technology has made enterprises to modernize their strategies. The IT industry is undergoing a transitional phase where we find so many players started delivering value with their enterprise business model. Here we must provide quality service to individuals and organization. The IT companies must be creative, innovative knowledgeable. IT products and services should always be upgraded to align with the today's world. And perhaps this is the prime challenge in the IT industry – how to strategize things and put them in place to compete with the globalization.

We at movingDneedle help to sort this out for you. We design specific campaigns for your multiple services offerings targeting various industries focused on a set of decision-makers in the organization. We ensure that over a period we build a strong sales pipeline for you and your team to Close Deals.

See how we can engage and generate sales-qualified leads for you.

Our customers have closed deals worth millions of dollars from our leads

  • “Just a quick note that we won our second account from the lead generated by you. Thank you for helping grow our company. It’s appreciated and truly a wonderful news!” CEOA Video Production company
  • “I would like to congratulate movingDneedle for putting extra efforts to help us with the market insights that helped us explore further business opportunities. Needless to say, the leads are of good quality, as we are moving on with further stages of the conversation with the prospects.” VP Business DevelopmentIndustry leader in Application Lifecycle Management
  • “Many thanks to the team of movingDneedle for their dedicated work and support to us.” COOA Leading E-Procurement Company
  • "Heartful thanks to you and your team at movingDneedle. We love working with you.” Managing DirectorA Leading Video Production Company

We provide our customers with high-quality leads that help their sales teams move the needle on Deals

  • An industry pioneer in data storage and virtualization builds a healthy sales pipeline for its sales professionals using movingDneedle campaign strategy in the USA & UK market

  • One of the leading start-ups in expense management and fraud compliance solutions upturns its sales pipeline using movingDneedle sales lead generation program

  • movingDneedle campaign strategy in the personalized email marketing frame helps one of the industry pioneers in E-commerce and business process solutions move the needle on deals

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