mDn LaaS (Leads as a Service) Platform

“Our LaaS platform brings business intelligence to all sales and business development professionals in the company. The reporting and analytics section delivers the best insights and KPIs which is the cumulative result of multiple data sources and data points captured from the sales lead generation campaigns designed and executed for the pipeline development - ultimately to achieve sales and business development goals.” 

mDn LaaS (Leads as a Service) Platform

All-in-One Inside Sales Platform to design, manage and measure a sales campaign

MDN LaaS platform is a full service solution to all key stakeholders responsible for sales and business development which helps them to design, manage and measure a sales campaign.

mDn LGaaS platform leverages technology to unlock human intelligence involved to produce the sales lead generation results from all the sales campaigns run for our customers. From setting up the inside sales campaign, daily tracking of the activity, scheduling sales meetings on the sales champ calendar, sharing the inputs and feedback on every completed meeting to pipeline view, customized reporting and deriving deep analysis and insights with all the KPIs executives and sales leaders need, it’s the operating system for your inside sales and the field sales team.

Campaign Performance and Pipeline Management

Analyse your sales pipeline and Intelligently prescribe best actions

With the mDn platform, you can assess the health of your campaigns at a glance and evaluate the pipeline for all the active and past campaigns. The pipeline view can be drilled down horizontally and vertically across the campaigns.

mDn campaign dashboard includes multiple metrics – from the buyer persona, time series, pipeline view, booking contribution to campaign and the industry response analysis delivering the sales intelligence insights to the key executives for intelligent business decisions.

Campaign Reporting & KPI's

Actionable insights for sales and business development professionals

Our reporting and KPI’s section on the platform brings flexible business intelligence to all sales and business development professionals in the company. The platform delivers best-practice insights and KPIs which is the cumulative result of multiple data sources and data points captured from the sales lead generation campaigns designed and executed for the pipeline development.

Key capabilities:

  • Enterprise Reporting and KPIs - All kinds of reports ranging from industry, role, function, region/state, duration, and revenue segment
  • Forward-looking business intelligence - The reports and scorecards help to identify patterns, trends and predictive scores from the campaign responses and track the campaign performance from the KPIs
  • Sales Pipeline Visibility – The pipeline built over a period is visible for all the sales lead generation campaigns
  • Historical Trends & Forecasting - Use past and present data points from all the campaigns to anticipate the response behaviour and outcomes
  • Custom Data Visualization (CDV) - Dashboard allows you to slice and dice data, filter parameters and get visibility of the campaigns across multiple dimensions and variables

mDn Analytics & Business Intelligence

From Actionable Data to Meaningful Decision

Whether the campaigns have scored high or low in the reports, mDn analytics brings out the meaning behind the metrics. On one hand, our proprietary technology helps to get Business Intelligence (BI) answers to queries like when, who, how many, what happened from metrics on dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, queries and responses, while on the other hand we also arrive at Advanced Analytics conclusions like, why it happened, will it happen again, how frequent it happens, what happens if XYZ is changed, what else my data speaks that was un thought of?

Frequently asked questions, answered

What is mDn platform?

mDn platform helps to bring business intelligence to all the key executives, sales and business development professionals in the company to take strategic decisions for the sales pipeline development. It helps to visualize all the data points necessary to execute and design the sales lead generation campaign and all the key metrics and KPIs associated with them. The reporting and the analytics section on the platform deliver the best insights and analytics which is the cumulative result of multiple data sources and data points captured from the sales lead generation campaigns designed and executed for the pipeline development - ultimately to achieve sales and business development goals.

Who can use it and how easy is this to set up?

The accounts can easily be set up on the platform without any complexities. The customer receives a notification mail from mDn and he/she can follow the standing instructions to set up the accounts. It takes 10 – 15 minutes to add and assign the members, and your account is up and ready. The project head can add members and designate specific roles pertaining to sales, marketing, finance/billing etc.

Does it take extensive training to use the platform and access the dashboards?

No, it’s very simple to access the platform and the dashboards. The members are assigned specific roles and all the information as per the job functions and accountability can be viewed and accessed.

Do I get custom reports and analytics, or the platform has a standardized format for reporting across the campaigns?

Yes, the reports can be custom made as per data points relating to industry, regions, departments, job functions and roles, duration of the campaign, response analysis and category, pipeline view, meeting status (upcoming, scheduled, completed) etc.

How do the engagement models and the pricing work?

We have multiple options on the engagement model and depending on the industry you can choose the plan. Please visit engagement.

Will I be able to download/access all the campaign data, reports and analytics?

All data, reports, and analytics will be present on the platform. If you want to have the access to these reports you need to be subscribed to the specific plan or, you can also upgrade to the premium plan based on your requirements. Please visit engagement.

Will I be able to update any data or info on the platform?

You will be able to create and assign the members as per their roles/responsibilities. Apart from that, you will have the accessibility to review a lead, accept and confirm the schedule, provide your feedback for each meeting. In case you want to upload any target, list or Do Not Contact list, drop a mail/raise a request to the Account Manager at mDn.

How many campaigns can be run at a given point of time?

We can run multiple campaigns at any given point of time provided the buyer persona/lead definition parameter is unique for each of the campaigns.

What is the minimum duration of the engagement?

The minimum duration of the engagement is 5-6 months which helps to run and stabilize the campaign and measure the performance and results.

How do I see my invoices and what are the payment modes?

The invoices will be auto-generated at the end of every month and you will receive the invoice based on the subscription plan and number of completed meetings. You will have that choice on pay from the platform. choices accessible are Wire Transfer, PayPal, Visa.

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Our customers have closed deals worth millions of dollars from our leads

  • “It's exciting to work with the team of movingDneedle. They have a disciplined approach towards the process. The numbers are good, but the reporting and review meetings are outstanding.” CEOA Global Retail Services Company
  • “I must say that our engagement with movingDneedle has helped us close deals in the first quarter itself. Excellent work. All the best to your team!” PresidentHealthcare Solutions Company
  • “Within a span of 4 months, we are happy to announce that we have signed up a couple of deals from the leads supplied by movingDneedle. Wish you great success for your endeavors.” Director SalesA WFO Solutions Provider
  • "Working with movingDneedle is interesting. They have helped us connect to the right target audience with qualified leads. We are in advanced stages of discussion with some prospects and very positive to move faster with these meetings.” VP Sales and MarketingA leading cloud transformation company

We provide our customers with high-quality leads that help their sales teams move the needle on Deals

  • ABC campaign strategy & results driven by engineering services & technical publication services

  • A data science company using its fraud science technology leverages movingDneedle sales lead generation program to expand its customer base in the USA and UK market

  • A leading video production company engages movingDneedle as their strategic partner in sales lead gen program

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